YarnSpinner is an interpreter for the Yarn language, written in C#.
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YarnSpinner Documentation

Yarn Documentation

Documentation for Yarn Spinner is under active development. Please submit any suggestions you may have.

Yarn Spinner API documentation is generated automatically by the Doxygen system.

The documentation is currently automatically generated every time a commit is made to the Master branch on GitHub. The documentation is availabe on our GitHub Page in HTML and in our Github Repository in Latex, PDF, RTF, and XML formats.

If you are working on the Development branch, the build.sh script is capable of generating documents for you locally by utilising the -d switch.

Building Yarn Spinner

Yarn Spinner is automatically built by Travis Continual Integration system. For information on how to build it yourself, please refer to the Building document.

Creating Yarn Dialogue for Yarn Spinner

For information on how to write dialogue for Yarn Spinner, refer to the Usage document, as well as the Syntax Reference. If you're after a more guided experience, take a look at our Simple and Complex tutorials.

Using Unity

At this point in time, only examples for the Unity game engine are available. We hope to include a more generic example in the future. Please refer to the Yarn Spinner Unity documents for more information.

Extending Yarn Spinner

For information on how to extend Yarn Spinner's functionality, please refer to the Extending Yarn Spinner document.